Swim Kickboard Float Tool

Swim Kickboard Float Tool

Super cool kickboard for ultra comfort, safety and style in the pool
Perfect for working on the lower section of the body
High quality 50 degree EVA

Features and benefits

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 42 × 29 × 3.3 cm

Black, Yellow, Green, Pink, etc.


print logo on kickboards from 200pcs


individual opp bag for each kickboard

Product Details

F2SWIM Large Kickboards are ideal for recreational swimmers. The large kickboards help swimmers improve their kicks, this Kickboards are constructed using EVA foam, offering you quality and value. These durable kickboards are made to withstand chipping and breaking, and will not absorb water.

Swim Kickboard Features:

  • Ideal for recreational swimmers
  • Provides strong flotation support
  • Helps improve swimmers kicks
  • Will not chip or break
  • Does not absorb water

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