Spineboard With Head Immobilizer

Spineboard With Head Immobilizer

Spineboard is lightweight but extremely strong board.

The shell of the board is heavy-duty and also x-ray translucent.

Features and benefits

Weight 11000 g
Dimensions 186 × 41 × 5 cm


Min. Order

3 sets


Individual carton for each item

Product Details

Spineboard With Head Immobilizer to ease lifting and prevent scraping of knuckles and straps. This Backboard’s recessed edge contours to provide extra stabilization of standard head immobilizers.


  • Combination spineboard with straps and head immobilizer
  • Measurements: board 186 x 41 x 5cm
  • Weight capacity is 159kg
  • 21 Large Hand Holds
  • 4 orange restraint straps
  • 1 head immobilizer
  • ABS Impact Resistant Polyethylene
  • 100% X-ray Translucent
  • Easily Sterilized

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