EVA Yoga Foam Roller

High strength EVA material foam roller

Comfortable to use while removing painful knots and loosening tight muscles

Weight160 g
Dimensions30 × 15 × 15 cm

Blue, Black, Red, White, etc.


35 hardness EVA


200pcs foam rollers


Opp bag for each foam roller

Details About EVA Yoga Foam Roller

Designed to help improve balance in gym exercises, these durable high-density EVA foam rollers have excellent memory characteristics – meaning they will regain their original shape after being compressed. This makes them ideal for abdominal and spine stretches in yoga and massage therapy, and also therapeutic myofascial release. The rollers have rounded corners for added comfort. Use round rollers for stability exercises, and for alignment and myofascial release.

1. Made from closed-cell EVA foam

2. Great for balance training

3. Maintains shape even after consistent use

4. Excellent for self-massage

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