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How to Custom Logo Swim Cap from Factory?

You won’t be allowed into the pool if you don’t have a swim cap. The most common swimming caps are made of lycra, latex and silicone. How to custom swim cap with your preferred logo? Whether you’re a swim school, triathlon club, swim shop or brand, you’ll want to know how to source your swim caps from the factory? You

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How to USE Swim Paddles?

The hand paddle is a device worn by swimmers during training. It consists of a plastic board that is worn on the palm of the swimmer’s hand and attached to the back of the swimmer’s hand with a bungee cord. The hand paddles usually has a pattern of holes in it. The swim paddle increases the resistance experienced by the hand during

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Select A Suitable Swim Goggles to Your Children

Swimming is not just a sport, but also is a survival skill. More and more parents want their children to learn to swim from the bottom up, but the results are often unsatisfactory. How to deal with this problem? Looking for a massive swimming school? Or go to class with the kids? Please check their swimming equipment before going to

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Learn Butterfly Swimming

History of the butterfly swim Before learn butterfly swimming, we should know its history. The butterfly swim evolved from the breaststroke and was originally swum with a breaststroke kick. The dolphin kick was later added, and in 1952, FINA established the butterfly as a monocathlon. A good butterfly move includes small, fast kicks with your feet together. A good rule

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Easy To Choose Suitable Yoga Mat

Suitable yoga mat used to be simple, when there were only a few variations in color and material. As yoga has become more popular, the options have expanded, from the traditional PVC yoga mat (not recommended) to the USD50 eco-friendly hot yoga mat (that’s the promise!) . So many options can be overwhelming, which is why we’re here to tell

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How to select swim gear supplier in China?

More and more people like to import swimming caps and goggles from China, but all face some problems. How to find a reliable factory? How to ensure quality issues? How can delivery be guaranteed, and even if losing money or goods? F2SWIM shares some experiences: You can ask your suppliers to provide actual photos, such asproduction plant, warehouse. Remind them

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