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Different styles swim cap, we own 4 production lines to print swim cap. Sending an inquiry to us if you need to custom swim cap, we are here 24/7! Please check the below steps carefully, it will make our cooperation easier.

Custom Silicone Swim Cap

Wear a professional silicone swim cap to reduce resistance and swim faster by F2SWIM. The leading edge of your head in the water is your head. Make sure it is covered and does not wrinkle and create resistance. Our 55 grams standard silicone cap is approved by thousands of athletes, durable and comfortable feeling.

Swim cap colors available: Black, white, yellow, pink, orange, gold, red, neon green, green, blue, light blue, royal blue, navy blue, silver, gray, purple etc.

Logo Colors 500 300 100 50
1 colour US$1.25 US$1.35 US$1.55 US$1.75
2 colours US$1.70 US$1.85 US$2.15 US$2.45
3 colours US$2.00 US$2.40 US$2.65 US$3.00

PS: The minimum order quantity is 50, not includes the shipping fee. Please contact us to confirm your event date, and shipping method.

CUstom Latex Swim Cap

High quality, custom printed latex team caps. 30 gram latex swim cap. Professional customization. Cap colors options: black, white, gray, red, yellow, orange, light blue, navy blue, royal blue, green, neon green, pink, purple etc. Compared with silicone swim cap, it is lighter, thicker for latex cap. Normally, triathlon teams request to print latex cap, with a low price that will save much more cost.

The minimum order quantity is 100 latex swim caps, please contact us if you need to check price list.

CUstom Fabric Swim Cap

Custom fabric swim cap at F2SWIM, quick-dry, comfortable feeling for swimmers’ head. We support to produce kids, adult size swim cap, over 8 colours fabric options. If you need to have your brand, we could OEM personal packaging bags for you.

The minimum order quantity is 200 fabric swim caps, please contact us if you need to check price list.

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