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Tips for Preventing COVID-19

To all friends: Now Coronavirus is spreading all over the world. Recently I receive many news from clients about the situation of their countries. Seems they worry a lot. Now the coronavirus is under control in China. In the past time we experienced same with you are experiencing now. I want to share some experience with you about how we spend the passed hard time. From the statistic data, the mortality of affected coronavirus is around 2%. More than 93% can be cured after affected. So the virus is not so horrible, just like the flue which happened often. But the spreading of coronavirus is strong. During the epidemic, our government suggests us to stay at home and don’t go out. Coz if many people are affected at the same time, there is not enough bed and doctors in the hospital. Most people lost their life coz can’t be treated at peak time. At the same time, when find the affected people, our government will find all the people he had met and contacted before, ask them to stay at home, after 14 days, if no any symptom related to virus, that means safe. If they are affected and not serious, they can use Chinese

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