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Do you want to custom swim kits to your team?

F2SWIM owns production line of swim cap, goggles, swimwear and accessories, all items are accepted to print your logo if any interesting.

CEO Volt

If you are looking for supplier of swim gear, F2SWIM will provide personalized items with competition price.


The most commonly asked question is “what swimming cap is suitable for me?”.

Latex — Great for entry level swimmers – these are thinner than other types of swim caps and are easy to fit. Popular with swimming schools for junior swimmers. Latex caps are good value, making them fantastic for events e.g. Triathlons, Open Water Swimming events, where large quantities are required for single use requirements.

Classic Silicone — Ideal for club and regular swimmers. Silicone is thicker than latex, making it more durable and robust. The cap is flat and can be printed to both sides and silicone caps look great in bold colours. This is our biggest selling cap and our most popular cap for swimming clubs.